Clearances for Adult Volunteers

This year FIRST is requiring full clearances for adults working with teams.
Here are the requirements for volunteering on school grounds, if the team needs to meet at school: 

1. Driver’s license scan at the Mars Area Schools Administration building if meeting at school, and MASD Volunteer Application for High School.

2.  Go to   – Act 114 FBI Federal Criminal History Clearance – Cost $27.  Requires fingerprinting – this may not be necessary if you've been a PA resident for 10 years and have scanned your driver's license...indicate "school districts" as reason for clearance request.  Make sure you retain the form that you take with you to the fingerprinting place.  This is the form that we need for our records!  Not the form that has the results.  The school uses this to look up the results. 

3. Pennsylvania State Child Abuse Clearance background for volunteers - Act 151 - indicate "school" as reason for clearance request.  CAN be done online, contrary to what the website says...go to

4.  Act 34 State Police Criminal History Clearance via 

5.  Register as a volunteer in TIMS (Team Information Management Site on and complete Youth Protection Program screening to be screened via FIRST.  Free, or you can donate the fee to FIRST.
For the 2016-2017 school year items 2-4 should be dated after February, 2014.

6.  For scrimmages, workshops and competitions, waivers are required for FIRST which you should fill out when you register as a volunteer on TIMS.  Please print a copy for our team records.  We are required to present these at events.

7.  Waivers for Pennsylvania FTC are required at FTC events.  I have hard-copies of these & they usually have them at the events.